Wordle guide: 5-letter words with mostly vowels

These words with three or four vowels might save you some time.

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The viral word-guessing game Wordle, created by Josh Wardle, was released in October 2021 and has since turned into an internet phenomenon. Each day, players need to figure out a different five-letter word in up to six tries, with hints inspired by the classic game Mastermind. These are the only clues you get to the word of the day.

Wordle has inspired several alternative versions in which players figure out equations, League of Legends champions, or even words from the Fortnite universe. But, for many, nothing beats the original.

One of the main challenges for any player trying to figure out the daily Wordle is knowing where to start. And a common strategy is ruling out as many vowels as you can on the first or second tries, which significantly narrows down your options. For example, if you start with a word like “ouija,” which has four vowels in it, and all of the boxes are gray, it’s almost certain that the answer will have at least one “e.”

With that in mind, we’ve listed a few five-letter words that contain more vowels than consonants in the sections below. If you follow that strategy to start your daily journey on Wordle, or if you need some information about the vowels at any point in the game, they should be enough to find the letters you need.

Five-letter English words with mostly vowels to try on Wordle

For players who want to get information about the vowels right at the beginning of their games, it is important to fit as many vowels as possible in one single word—and they should all be different to really be of help. All of the five-letter words below, which contain four vowels each, are valid Wordle guesses and are likely to help you solve your daily puzzle.

They are ideal for the starting guesses or specific occasions in which you need to find vowels, but unlikely to be the actual answer. Some are uncommon in the English language, and the game tends to choose more common words.

Five-letter English words with four vowels to try on Wordle


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There are more options available when you try five-letter words with three vowels, and the list includes common words like “alone,” “house,” and “radio.” They’re also better guesses, depending on your method and strategy, because they’re more likely to be the actual answer to the daily Wordle than most words with four vowels.

Wordle might occasionally confuse players by choosing a word with repeated letters, like “cheek,” “comma,” or “vivid.” It is, however, still better to avoid repeating letters on your first guesses. Here’s a list of five-letter words with three non-repeated vowels you can try on Wordle.

Five-letter English words with three vowels to try on Wordle


Best starting words with mostly vowels for Wordle

Even after you’ve decided to start your game of Wordle by finding the vowels, there are different paths you might take and different factors to keep in mind. We will briefly break down those strategies here.

You might prefer to get as many vowels in as you can at first, which makes the list of five-letter words with four vowels the most useful for you. It is important, if you decide to do so, to pay attention to the remaining vowel and pair it with four consonants in your second guess. Make sure you include at least one of the consonants that are most likely to appear anyway, such as “L,” “R,” “S,” or “T.” You can also include the “Y” if you want. That leaves you with pairings like:


When it comes to words containing three vowels, Wordle has a lot more options. For the list above, we made sure to avoid including words with repeated vowels, because they do not cover as much ground as the others. But, if you switch the focus from vowels to consonants, some of the options can seem redundant (such as UNION, which repeats the “N”), while others might work together well. There are a few possible pairings that cover all vowels and four different consonants:

  • RADIO and SAUTE (repeating the “A”)
  • ALONE and GUIDE (repeating the “E”)
  • PIANO and QUIET (repeating the “I”)
  • HOUSE and PATIO (repeating the “O”)
  • ABUSE and UNION (repeating the “U”)

No strategy works the same way every day, which means all of them are bound to seem less effective on certain days. In days when you can’t seem to find that many letters at first, you should keep an eye out for possible repetitions and uncommon letters.

If you’re struggling to find the answer, you can wait until the next word pops up. Wordle resets every day at midnight local time, giving players a new challenge and a new word to learn. You can also look up the answer to the daily Wordle to avoid losing your streak—though this takes away from the feeling of solving the challenge.

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