What are the best words to guess first in Wordle?

There are a handful of words that can be useful.

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If you’re an avid player of Wordle, you’ve probably figured out a lot of tips and tricks that help correctly guess the word of the day in just a few tries.

But for those new to the game or those who are just struggling to complete the puzzle in six attempts or less, there are some strategies you can try out that may help you. The most obvious and possibly the most helpful strategy is choosing a strong first word to guess every single day.

While it’s entirely possible you can figure out the daily Wordle even with a relatively poor first word, it obviously helps to build a solid foundation for the remaining guesses. That being said, here are some of the best words to guess first in Wordle.

Best words to guess first in Wordle

A good strategy to employ for the first word is to use as many vowels as you can. There are several five-letter words that have four vowels, which puts them at the top of the list of candidates to use first every day in Wordle. Below is a list of five-letter words with four vowels that you can use the next time you play.


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Of course, the likelihood of any of these words being the actual Wordle is extremely low. But by using several vowels at once, you can likely see more clearly what words the Wordle can and can’t be. For example, if you guess “AUDIO” first and get no yellow or green letters, you would know the correct word very likely has an “e” in it, significantly shortening the list of words it can be.

Some people also suggest guessing the same first word every day to potentially increase their chances of correctly guessing the Wordle on their first try. Others opt to switch it up every day. Ultimately, it’s your decision about how you want to play the game.

And if you fail to solve the puzzle today, keep trying because there’s always a new challenge tomorrow in Wordle.

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