How to play Fortle: A Fortnite Battle Royale Variation of Wordle

Time to brush up on your Fortnite vocabulary.

Image via Fortle

Wordle first released last October and has dominated social media feeds ever since. Since it was released, there have been countless variations in the formula, from equations to more mature words. Now, the popular battle royale Fortnite has gotten its own dedicated spin-off called Fortle.

Players who want to participate in the new Fortle game can do so by visiting the official site. Some have had trouble finding it due to the website being called FortniteSkin. In the new game, players are given six chances to guess a five-letter word from Fortnite. Each new day will bring another word to Fortle.

The basic mechanics are the same as the original Wordle. Every word that the player enters will bring them closer to the right answer by letting them know which letters are wrong, misplaced, or correct in the word. For example, the letters that turn orange are in the right spot, purple is in the word but somewhere else, and grey means that the letter isn’t in the word at all.

The site hosts more than just Fortle, too. There are tabs for different items, including the current items in the Item Shop and leaked content. There’s also a place for quizzes on Fortnite, but none have been added yet.

With Fortle being a new invention, it seems that this site is setting itself up to be a hub for Fortnite content outside of its new word game. As players come back each day to try the new puzzle, this site may introduce new content like its namesake.


Christian Harrison
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