The best Wordle alternatives

Wordles for all your puzzle needs.

Screengrab via Wordle

Word puzzle game Wordle, developed by Josh Wardle, has taken over social media feeds across the globe. With nearly everyone you know posting little green squares in either triumph or dejection, something about the five-letter puzzle has captivated the masses.

Not only has the playerbase skyrocketed since launch, even landing Wardle a supposedly million-dollar acquisition by the New York Times, but there has also been an increase in Wordle-inspired games as well. If you are looking to spice up your morning or late-night puzzle routine, try out these interesting takes on Wardle’s hit game.


If you’ve ever played Wordle but thought it needed to be more competitive, then Squabble is the alternative tailored for you. The game puts a battle royale twist on the word game, pitting players in a lobby against one hundred others attempting to solve the same puzzles as fast as possible.

In Squabble, your main goal is to keep your health bar as high as possible to outlast the competition. Taking too much time or failing puzzles will drastically reduce your health, while solving them will restore some amount of health. The game uses the same traditional six-attempt five-word puzzles system, so all players should walk in familiar with the game.


Quordle is for the players who simply don’t see enough challenge only solving one word puzzle at a time. Instead, in this version of the game, players have to simultaneously solve four different puzzles using the same letters at the same time. Each puzzle is separated into one of four different quadrants, and each letter will show the player how it fits or does not fit into each of these word blocks.

Given the complexity of Quordle, players have slightly more chances to solve all four puzzles than the base game. Still trying to find five-letter words, players have nine chances to complete all four quadrants.

For the fans: Star Wordle, Taylordle, and more

The base Wordle game pulls from the general dictionary of whatever language you are playing on, but if you want a specified version of the game, you have plenty of options. Whether you’re a fan of Star Wars, a Swiftie, or a member of the BTS Army, there are most likely versions of the word puzzle made for your narrow interest. The answer pool for all these games will be exclusively terminology familiar or common in the fanbase, making it a significantly smaller pool to guess from.

Wordle Unlimited

Waiting a whole day for a new word has shown all of us just how impatient we are. Instead of waiting for the clock to strike midnight, you can play Wordle as much as you want with Wordle Unlimited. In this iteration of the game, you can keep going from one word puzzle to the next without waiting. Also, a new feature coming to Wordle Unlimited is the ability to play with friends, wherein you can enter a custom word.