Who is the final boss of Elden Ring?

Who will be your final obstacle in the Elden Ring?

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Dark Souls spiritual successor Elden Ring has players, Twitch viewers, and everyone in between enamored by the vast gameplay and open world of the Lands Between.

Through this adventure, the player travels through the world in search of the Elden Ring and in this journey encounters a number of bosses that try to stop the player. And at the end of this long journey, there is a final boss that is the character’s final test to restore peace. The primary question running through people’s minds is, who exactly is the final boss of Elden Ring?

Warning! Spoilers ahead, so if you have not finished Elden Ring yet or care about having the story spoiled, then read on ahead.

Who is Elden Ring’s final boss?

There is not one singular final boss in Elden Ring. Instead, the final fight in Elden Ring has the player fight two final bosses split into two phases. 

The names of these two bosses are Radagon of the Golden Order and The Elden Beast.

Image via FromSoftware screenshot.

In the first phase of the final fight, the player will battle Radagon of the Golden Order, a ruined human figure and second husband of Queen Maricka. It is a tough fight that is similar in difficulty to some other endgame boss fights in Elden Ring.

He is an orange-haired figure with one arm that he uses to swing the hammer that shattered the Elden Ring. However, we soon come to learn this fight was to prevent the Tarnished from the actual final boss of the game, the Elden Beast.

Image via FromSoftware.

The Elden Beast is an otherworldly creature and a direct liegeman of the Greater Will and Order incarnate. It is a giant creature that towers over the player with its gold accents to a translucent black body.

It resembles a sea-serpent/loch ness monster-like creature that storms through the battle arena and dives under the water. It’s full of power from the Elden Ring and its attacks, while slow, are powerful. All of this is enhanced by the final bosses’ massive health and giant arena to help it maneuver around the player.

But, if you are able to beat the Elden Beast, then you have officially beat the game. Once you defeat both bosses, you will receive the “God Felled” message, 500,000 Runes, and the ability to enter New Game plus.

Elden Ring is now available on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. If you’re just starting, given Elden Ring’s average game time of 52 hours, it is safe to say your fight with these characters is an afterthought, for now.