Where to find Shrimp in Disney Dreamlight Valley

These little guys aren't too hard to find in the Valley.

Image via Gameloft

In Disney Dreamlight Valley there are a ton of places to fish, and some areas different fish than others, so players have to look around to find the one they need for whatever quest they are on.

The same is no different when a Shrimp is needed for one of the quests from a resident in the Valley. Shrimp is an ingredient that can be used in Bouillabaisse, which consists of a Shrimp, a Tomato, two seafood items, and one other vegetable. It is used in other recipes too, but you’ll need this one to help complete one of the quests.

In order to find Shrimp you’ll need Dazzle Beach unlocked, and then you’ll need to look for the blue fishing spots scattered around the shore. If you need more than one Shrimp, make sure you bring a Valley resident that helps with fishing and you might get lucky and get double Shrimp.

Once you find a blue fishing spot, cast your line and reel it in to see if it is a Shrimp. There are some other fish you can get in the blue fishing spots, so Shrimp won’t always come up, which is why it can be beneficial to bring a fishing character with you. It will also help you level that character if they aren’t maxed out yet.

Each Shrimp sells for 300 coins and will give you 750 energy if you eat it, but it’s best used in one of the recipes so that you’ll gain even more energy and have the potential to make more money if you plan on selling the meal.