Where do you deliver Irina’s letter in Elden Ring?

Email doesn't exist in this world.

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Elden Ring is set on a gigantic open-world map that is home to countless NPCs. The list of characters includes Irina, an NPC who’ll be ready to entrust players with a letter to be delivered to her father. The delivery itself will be an adventure since Irina’s father is located in Castle Morne. Players will need to travel there to ensure Irina’s father gets her letter.

Though the quest does a decent job of explaining where players will need to travel, getting lost in Elden Ring’s vast open world can be a common occurrence.

After picking up the quest from Irina, start navigating toward the south. You’ll pass Castle Morne Rampart before you can get to Castle Morne, and making your way into the castle won’t be that easy either. The castle will be protected by an ogre, and players will need to take it out before they can move any forward.

Once you make it inside Castle Morne, look for the elevator. Irina’s father is located at the highest point of the castle, meaning players will need to fight through a handful of enemies on their way up.

Players can deliver Irina’s Letter to her father, Edgar, by interacting with him, and he’ll also have a quest ready. Edgar reveals his duty to protect the Sword of Morne, and players will need to obtain the sword to complete Edgar’s quest. The first interaction will be enough to complete Irina’s challenge, though, and players will need to venture back to Irina’s whereabouts to let her know about her father’s recent status.

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