When does The House of the Dead: Remake release?

It's finally coming, but when does The House of the Dead Remake come out?

Image via Forever Entertainment.

Forever Entertainment revealed The House of the Dead: Remake as a plan since 2019, but various delays pushed that concept back for years. When Forever Entertainment revealed the initial March 4 release date in The House of the Dead: Remake trailer, fans were excited for the remake of the arcade-style zombie shooter game. The March 4 release date has since been pushed again, however.

Given the constant changes to the official release date combined with the natural excitement of the zombie shooter remake, many have wondered when this game will be released.

When is The House of the Dead: Remake‘s release date?

The House of the Dead: Remake is scheduled for release on the Nintendo Switch on April 7, 2022, according to the latest trailer. This date is primed to be the final date of release for the highly anticipated remake.

Assuming the release follows the scheduled release date, it won’t be an overly long wait for one of the classic on-rail gun shooters and a throwback for those who grew up playing the game in the arcade.

Still, given by the gameplay footage seen in the initial trailer, if the game does face more delays, it will likely be for good reason. The House of the Dead: Remake looks to do justice for fans of the original, and developers may need more time to bring it to completion.