What happened to Goat Simulator 2? Goat Simulator 3 developers explain how they picked the name

The title, like the game, is udderly silly.

Image via Coffee Stain Publishing

When Goat Simulator 3 was announced, fans of the first one scrambled to their computers to ask “is there a Goat Simulator 2?” only to find that there indeed was not a second game that players missed. Instead, the developers decided to be cheeky about the title.

While most people expected the game to follow its sequel and have a two after its name, the developers had something else in mind. Well, at least half of them did. On the Gamescom floor, creative director at Coffee Stain North Santiago Ferrero told Dot Esports how the name came to be.

“Half of the team loved to name it Goat Simulator 2, the other half wanted Goat Simulator 4, it was a compromise, and it was Goat Simulator 3 that landed,” Ferrero said.

The name of the second installment of the Goat Simulator franchise is quite fitting for the theme of the game. The original Goat Simulator included a lot of humor, pop culture references, and wacky physics to give the game a silly vibe, and the developers are doing more of the same with Goat Simulator 3, but with a lot more laughs.

“We don’t want to divert from [Goat Simulator] too much,” Ferrero said. “It’s real key that this game is your palate cleanser between games, we kind of see it as that, and we want to enhance that. Sandbox is very important for us to just go, have fun, just crazy, and pack it with references, pack it with secrets and all that.”

Not only is Goat Simulator 3 a cheeky name that confused its intended audience, but the pre-order for the game isn’t even called a pre-order, it’s called Goat Simulator 3 – Pre Udder Edition. Players who pre-order the game get a giant udder as an in-game bonus for buying the game early.

Goat Simulator 3 will be available on Nov. 17, and players who want to get their udders can pre-order it for $29.99 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.