What are the white lights on the beach near Coastal Cave in Elden Ring?

Don't ignore the lights.

Image via FromSoftware

Elden Ring has a massive map full of interesting locations and areas. Some contain secrets with notable loot, while others feature hidden enemies waiting to strike at a moment’s notice. Sometimes areas feature secrets hidden in plain sight that can be tough to figure out. One of these encounters is the white lights on the beach near Coastal Cave, which reward players with a special Ash of War.

Screenshot via Dot Esports

To the west of the first site of grace is a coastline, which most players will explore early in their journey. The southern part of the coastline features the Coastal Caves, while the northern part features a mysterious series of white lights. Players can find lights moving in a circle around the area, which can be confusing at first glance. 

Screenshot via Dot Esports

The lights are actually the footsteps of an invisible enemy. You can hit the enemy by timing your strike and standing in its path, which drops the Stamp (Sweep) Ash of War. The enemy should die in one hit, and the most significant issue will be timing your attack. The best approach is to stand in one spot and wait for the enemy to come to you instead of trying to chase it down. 

The Ash of War can be used on several weapon types and is worth grabbing, especially if it compliments your build. It is also relatively easy to get, so make sure to grab it when you’re near the coastline.