TSM launches new collegiate program called TSMU

One of the biggest names in esports is creating a new space for people to learn about the industry.

Photo via Riot Games

TSM has created a new program called TSM University that’s aimed at supporting those who are looking to learn and engage more with the esports community and the general industry, the organization announced today.

TSMU will be providing the general public with career panels, question-and-answer segments with top industry professionals, and tournament watch parties all for free. It’s a great first step for anyone who’s wanted to approach esports from a career perspective but doesn’t have a clue where to start.

“In this industry, there has historically been a lack of a clear path on how to get involved, so it can be challenging for those who are interested in this business to even get started,” TSM project manager Allie Hahe said. “This is why we created TSMU. We want to lead the way in creating new opportunities in the space, as well as providing education and insight for those looking to learn how they can work in the space.”

TSMU will also provide aspiring professionals with a chance to join internship programs and career opportunities within the TSM organization. As a college-focused program, students will now get the chance to interact and gain crucial knowledge before deciding on what path to take within the world of esports.

If anyone wants to participate in TSMU, they can join the initiative’s new Discord server where they’ll be able to speak with other budding esports pros, make career connections, and ask as many questions as they want.