The best shooting badges in NBA 2K22

Hook, line, and sinker.

Image via 2K

The NBA 2K series is back with another title. NBA 2K22 will be a fresh start for all the MyPlayer, MyTeam, and MyPark with new badges to try alongside new environments.

With the number of badges increasing, players will have more options to consider while picking the ultimate badge layout for their players. While you can get away without badges against the AI, you’ll need to do your research if you’re looking to take on other players.

Shooters mostly rely on playmakers to handle the ball and they’ll be on the lookout for opportunities where they can make clear shots. Though there’ll be times when you’ll need to drive the ball as a shooter, it’ll be your ability to score that will be the ultimate deal-breaker.

Here are the best shooting badges in NBA 2K22.


All shooters need is a clear angle to make a shot, but there can always be that one defender who you just can’t seem to shake off. If the time’s running out, you’ll have no choice but to take that shot and hope that the defender doesn’t ruin it for you.

Blinders allow shooters to receive a lower penalty when they take shots as a defender closes out toward them, blocking their vision. This badge will allow you to increase your shot percentage against defensive lineups since you will rely less on finding wide-open positions.

Corner Specialist

Each team needs that one player who can score from the sides. These corner shooters can be vital to the offensive strategy of a team since they’ll be bringing variety to the table.

Corner shots tend to be quite difficult, however, since you won’t be able to count on the back of the rim to complete your shot in most cases. Boosting a shooter who specializes in scoring from the sides with the Corner Specialist badge is one of the best decisions you can make. This badge will boost your deep-range shots from the court’s baseline.


Even if you have a perfect long-range shot lined up, a last-minute defender running toward you can always ruin your plans. Getting contested will always ruin the quality of your shots, and a shooter will need a natural line of defense against that.

The Deadeye badge will refuse a defender’s effectiveness as they close in on a shooter. Even if you get contested, it’ll be to a lesser degree, increasing your shoot-to-score ratio in the process.

Hot Zone Hunter

As players grow in terms of their talent in NBA 2K22, they’ll start to have hot zones around the court. Players will perform noticeably better once they enter their hot zones. These spots will depend on the type of player they are, and boosting their effectiveness inside hot zones will just be smart since you’ll be adding to your player’s strength.

The Hot Zone Hunter badge increases a player’s effectiveness inside Hot Zones. If you were using the Hot Zone to their true potential, then you may grow to like the Hot Zone Hunter Badge since you’ll be getting more for your efforts inside these areas.

Limitless Spot-Up

Shooters may not have that much time to dribble the ball around. When a shooter receives the ball, there may not be enough time on the clock, meaning you’ll need to take a shot as quickly as possible. 

Trying to shoot right after you catch the ball can be tricky since you won’t have that much time to line up that perfect shot. To make the most out of such situations, you’ll want to have the Limitless Spot-Up perk by your side.

The Limitless Spot-Up improves a player’s ability to hit shots right after catching the ball, meaning the chance of you missing a shot after receiving a wide-open pass will be decreased.


Even if you’re wide open, you may still mess up a shot when you make a mistake in your timing. The Sniper badge makes sure that you have slightly more room for error.

Once you equip the Sniper badge, your shots that are categorized under slightly early or slightly late will have a higher chance of working out. As a trade-off, however, your early and late shots will get worse, making this badge a double-edged sword at times.

Green Machine

Success brings success, and if you already consider yourself a decent Shooter in NBA 2K22, then you may want to consider trying out Green Machine to keep up your form.

Green Machine will increase your success rate by making it easier for you to score after each successful shot.

As you start scoring green shots, the Green Machine will start kicking in, and it’ll become easier to land even more. You can easily go on to have a hot streak after hitting a couple of shots by yourself since the badge will help you do the rest. 

Going on a Green Machine streak can help you do some heavy lifting on the scoreboard, and you can catch up to the opposition if you were losing or assert your dominance if you were up by a few points.

The badges above bring more to the table than other alternatives in the category, but it doesn’t mean that they aren’t good enough to be considered options. As a player, your style will be the deciding factor, and badges that fit your playstyle may end up being better for you in the long run.