The best DM7 Loadout in Battlefield 2042

There's a marksman behind every successful squad.

DM7 - Screengrab via EA/DICE

Regardless of the map you’re playing in, some players will just equip a submachine gun or a shotgun and dive right into the action. While all teams will need front liners to defend objectives and secure perimeters, expecting success without eyes watching out for them from far away may not be a good idea.

Snipers can hold teams together in Battlefield 2042 since they can notice threats players fighting in close-quarter situations may miss. If you’re looking to tag as many enemies as possible, a semi-automatic marksman rifle will often be the best choice, and the DM7 fits into that description.

The base version of the weapon can feel slightly less powerful than other alternatives in the game, but that’s where attachments come into play. With the help of various gadgets, players can fix the shortcomings of any weapon in the game and make them a better fit for their use case.

Here’s the best DM7 loadout in Battlefield 2042, in our opinion.

  • Sight: Maul Hybrid 1.5-3x
  • Barrel: Tactical Compensator
  • Underbarrel: LWG Grip
  • Magazine: High-Power Mag

The loadout above increases DM7’s effectiveness in medium-to-long-range fights. If you’d like to focus only on long-range fights, you can make a few tweaks to the setup to increase DM7’s overall power in bigger ranges. The M11 6x is a better alternative for long distances and an ADR Bipod will make it easier to aim and lock onto targets from further away.

Though these two adjustments will make the DM7 better in long-range fights, you may find yourself struggling against players who are closing onto your position. Pairing the DM7 with a capable secondary weapon will be the key to making sure you can stand your ground in heated moments, or you can also team up with a squadmate and start wreaking havoc from a distance while they cover your back.