How to strikethrough text in Discord

It adds to the narrative.

Image via Discord

Over the years, Discord has become more than a voice chat app. While that’s still one of its main functions, it also became a community hub where people form their own groups and gather or chat with like-minded individuals.

Most communities will have active chat rooms, and making your text stand out can spice up conversations. From bold to italics, Discord allows users to customize their text. While applying these simple formats is relatively straightforward, finding out how you can strikethrough sentences can be challenging, since the key you’ll need to use may have a different shortcut depending on your typing language.

To strikethrough sentences in Discord, you’ll need to place two “~” tildes on both ends of your text. If you’re on the browser version of Discord, you can also try out the Context menu, which allows players to cross out words manually.

Gamers with standard U.S. English keyboards can put a tilde sign by pressing the Shift and ` keys or you can use one of the following key combinations for your language.

Keyboard LanguageKey Combination
U.S. English“Shift” and “`”
U.K. English“Shift” and “#”
(Canada/Australia) English “Shift” and “`”
(Latin America) Spanish“Alt Gr” and “+”
Portuguese“~” followed by space
German“Alt Gr” and “+”
Canada French “Alt Gr” and “ç” followed by space, or “Alt Gr” + “çç”
France French “Alt Gr” and “é” followed by space, or “Alt Gr” + “éé⌥ Option” + “n” (on Mac OS X)
Turkish“Alt Gr” and “ü” followed by Space, or “Alt Gr” and “üü”
Arabic“Shift” and “`ذّ”
Hebrew“Shift” and “~”

If you keep forgetting the key combination for the tilde sign, you can always Google it and copy the “~” tilde to paste it at the ends of your sentences. Copy-pasting the sign itself will have the same impact, meaning you aren’t required to use the key combinations to strikethrough sentences with a tilde sign.