How to get training points in Madden 21

Earn training points fast with these tips.

Image via EA Sports

Training points are an essential resource in Madden 21. They allow you to upgrade your players to higher tiers, helping you stay ahead of the competition. Collecting training points can be difficult, but knowing the best strategies to earn them will create a steady flow of points for your team. 

Here are the best ways to collect training points in Madden 21.

Complete Madden Ultimate Team Challenges

Ultimate Team features dozens of challenges that award training points when completed. Every player can likely find at least a few challenges that they won’t mind completing, which should create a constant influx of training points.

Sell your player cards

Players who enjoy the Ultimate Team mode in Madden 21 likely have several cards that don’t fit into their team or are less valuable than their current players. The best thing to do with these cards is to sell them for training points. 

Each card rewards training points based on its value and players can quickly accumulate points by selling them. Sometimes it is the best choice to sell a card even if it is valuable, as the points can help upgrade other players on your team. 

Superstar KO

Superstar KO is a fun mode featured in Madden 21, but it also rewards high-value cards. Players should earn these cards even if they don’t plan on using them since they are another excellent source of training points when sold. 

Selling player cards and completing MUT challenges should keep dedicated players stocked with training points. Remember to manage your team correctly to avoid wasting points, and you should be able to upgrade your players often.