How to get Humankind beta access through Twitch Drops

Watch and learn before you get to try Humankind for yourself.

Image via Amplitude Studios

The number of new turn-based strategy games that hit the market each year is relatively lower than more popular genres like first-person-shooters or battle royales. When that’s the case, fans often stick with their favorite games for a long time and whenever a worthy challenger enters the market, all eyes turn on them.

Amplitude Studios’ Humankind is a historical turn-based strategy game and it’s moving into a beta stage for lucky fans to enjoy and help the development of the game.

If you’d like to take your place in the beta, you’ll just need to get lucky with Twitch drops.

  • Create a Games2Gather account
  • Make sure you’re logged into your Twitch account on your current browser
  • After creating or logging into your Games2Gather account, navigate to the Account Settings page
  • There’ll be a button that will allow you to link your Twitch and Games2Gather accounts. Upon pressing on it, the pop-up that’ll appear will handle the rest of the process
    • If you haven’t logged into your Twitch account, you may be asked to log in through the pop-up
  • The Twitch Drop will send an email to you containing a redeemable code for Humankind. You’ll need to redeem that code to gain access to the game.

After completing the linking process, you’ll need to tune into Humankind streams. On average, a total of three hours watching time should be enough to secure yourself an invite. You don’t have to watch it all in one go and you can always leave your computer while a stream rolls in the background as well.