How to fix controller not working in Elden Ring

Don't lose control.

Image via FromSoftware

If you’ve been trying to play Elden Ring on PC with a controller during the launch, you may have been experiencing setbacks. Even when the controller gets picked up by other games, numerous reports have claimed Elden Ring has been having a hard time detecting controller inputs.

Though FromSoftware will need to roll out a permanent fix in the upcoming days to fix all the controller-related bugs and errors, there are a few troubleshooting methods that players can try out.

If you continue to run into controller problems after applying the fixes below, you’ll have no choice but to switch to playing Elden Ring with a mouse and keyboard until a fix arrives.

Xbox Configuration Support

Before applying this fix, you’ll need to exit out of Elden Ring and ensure that there aren’t lingering background processes running through the Task Manager.

  • Open Steam
  • Navigate to Settings
  • Choose General Controller Settings
  • Turn on Xbox Configuration Support and Generic Gamepad Configuration
    • You can also combine the following steps with turning off Nvidia and Steam Overlays since some users found success by doing so.

Delete Vjoy

Vjoy, a virtual stick program, is used to install controller drivers for fighting game joysticks and steering wheels. If you’ve been using one of the two on your system, The chances are there might have been a clash that caused Elden Ring to act out while picking up your controller inputs.

Deleting Vjoy should be enough to give your controller a fighting chance, but you’ll also need to restart Eldin Ring to ensure all the stones are in place.

Remove all the other input devices

Though Elden Ring detects all the peripherals connected to your PC, it may have a hard time when it comes to prioritizing when all of them are wired at the same time. This was also the case in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and players could fix issues by unplugging their mouse and keyboard before launching the game.

The same fix also works for Elden Ring since the game recognizes the first controller or peripheral like Sekiro.