How do you get Dr Disrespect’s Midnight Society Founders Pass?

Players who want to get a Midnight Society avatar will need to pass a few steps first.

Image via Midnight Society

After launching his gaming company last December, Dr Disrespect is now looking to allow some eager fans to be a part of the development process. By purchasing a Founders Pass, fans will earn early access to Midnight Society’s upcoming multiplayer FPS game, as well as an NFT.

To apply for your Variant, you’ll need to head to Midnight Society’s official website. There, click the “Claim Your Existence” button above the timer counting down. Once you’re logged in, you’ll be asked to share your various accounts like Twitter, Steam, Discord, and more if you’re logged in. The page after that will invite you to input your different usernames on consoles. None of this is required. 

Next, you’ll be asked a series of questions about your gaming experience and the level of responsibility you’d be willing to take on. Other questions relate to the user’s playstyle and what they would be comfortable doing daily.

Once you’ve completed the questions, you’ll be sent back to your profile or the main menu screen. The current deadline for applications is March 24, and approval emails will go out about three weeks after that. Players who aren’t approved have the option to purchase someone else’s token when they are openly traded on a marketplace.

In addition to the NFT, purchasing a Founders Pass gives users unique input into Midnight Society’s game development. As the developer creates its game, founders will vote, provide information, and playtest early versions of the company’s game. Players will also get to attend exclusive meetings and earn merchandise that isn’t available to the public.

Only 10,000 Founders Passes will be sold to users approved via the application. The applications that users submit will be judged on the following:

  • How long the applicant has been a member of the Midnight Society website
  • How active that user has been in the community
  • Activity as a gamer, content creator, or developer
  • Insight into how the Variants should play into the game

Once a Founders Pass avatar is created, the owner can sell it on the open market. It’s Midnight Society’s hope that these passes will increase in value. Users should be aware that once they sell or trade a Founders Pass, they’ll lose access to the features that came with it. This means that the user will no longer have any input on the Midnight Society game.

The application process for the Founders Pass ends in just over a week, with confirmation emails going out sometime in late April. Until then, fans will have to wait to find out if they’ve made it into Midnight Society’s Founder Pass program.


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