How do you change your appearance in Elden Ring?

A magic mirror and some miraculous cosmetics can instantly correct any bad character creation choices.

Image via FromSoftware

There’s a massive amount of customization available in the character creation process at the beginning of Elden Ring. There are so many choices, in fact, that it’s easy to go overboard.

Luckily, gamers who opted for ugly face tattoos or unfortunate haircuts and now regret their choice aren’t stuck that way. Elden Ring allows players to alter their character’s appearance at any time. To change the appearance of a character, players need to use the Clouded Mirror Stand in the Roundtable Hold area.

First, it’s necessary to unlock the Roundtable Hold and its site of grace. Players who haven’t yet traveled to the Roundtable Hold need to get a certain dialogue from the Finger Maiden Melina, who offers players the ability to get there. Rest at different sites of grace until she makes the offer about the Hold. Once she does, the Table of Lost Grace site of grace is unlocked and the Roundtable Hold is available to explore. The ability to change the appearance of a character is immediately available after that.

To access the Clouded Mirror Stand, start at the Table of Lost Grace site of grace. Take the eastern corridor out of the main circular room with the sword-cluttered big round table. Pass the blacksmith on the left and go through the door to reach the bedroom with the Deathbed Companion NPC. In that room, there is a mirror on the floor. Interact with it to use the Clouded Mirror Stand. Applying some very effective cosmetics, the Mirror Stand allows players to change their name, body type, age, and every facet of their appearance. It’s almost identical to the character creation screen at the beginning of the game.