Everything to know about Among Us on Meta Quest 2

Get ready to get backstabbed in first-person.

Screengrab via Game Awards 2021

While Among Us first released in 2018, the game wasn’t considered extremely popular until players looked for a way to interact in mid-2020. Then, thanks to streamers and general buzz, players worldwide joined together to murder their friends. Now, everyone’s favorite backstabbing game is getting a VR version.

Among Us VR was first teased last year at The Game Awards in 2021, and now the game has been given a set release window of “holiday 2022,” according to a tweet from the official Twitter account.

Among Us VR will work like the original game, with crew members assigned different roles as crew members or impostors. The impostors will try to kill the crew members before achieving all their tasks. If a dead body is found, an emergency meeting can be called, and everyone has to discuss and vote on who they think the culprit is.

The crew members can win two ways. Either they finish all of their tasks before they’re killed or discover who the impostor is and jettison them into space.

The new first-person view of Among Us VR will make the game a little more chilling, as players won’t be able to see around themselves without actively turning their heads. Some of the moments in the new trailer showed how eerie the empty spaceship can feel or how daunting coming up on an unexpected person can be.

The game is set to release sometime before this year, but players can follow the official Twitter account for more information, such as a potentially exact release date.