Destiny 2's new Season of Dawn trailer puts the focus on Osiris and Saint-14

Two legendary Guardians are the focal point of the new season.

Image via Bungie

A new season of content is hitting Destiny 2 next week and the developers at Bungie revealed a first look at what’s to come with a new trailer today.

Season of Dawn is the second season of Destiny 2’s third year, which is the game’s first full year since the developer went independent. The Shadowkeep expansion launched on Oct. 1 and kicked off the year with Season of the Undying, which is set to end next week.

The new season brings back the legendary Warlock Osiris. He has some work for you to do on Mercury, which was the home of the Curse of Osiris DLC expansion in December 2017.

Osiris isn’t the only legendary Guardian here, though. The trailer reveals that Osiris has plans for you to travel back in time to save the heroic Titan known as Saint-14, who went down in history as the best Titan of all time.

Season of Dawn boasts a new seasonal artifact with abilities and perks to unlock, a six-player activity called The Sundial, 100 tiers of both free and paid rewards, Exotic weapons and quests, and more content that will roll out over time.

Bungie will fully reveal Season of Dawn in a livestream on Wednesday, Dec. 4 at 12pm CT on Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer.