Final Fantasy racer Chocobo GP shows off first four tracks

The Final Fantasy racer even has its own Rainbow Road track.

Image via Square Enix

The latest Nintendo Direct earlier this year saw a ton of new game announcements, with some more unexpected than others. One of the most surprising additions was the announcement of Chocobo GP, a Final Fantasy racer for Nintendo Switch.

As you’d expect, the Final Fantasy racer boasts several different locations from a variety of games in the ever-popular series, each with their own flavor and style. The devs have now revealed the title’s first four maps.

Today, Nintendo showcased maps Zozo, Alexandria, Big Bridge, and Gold Saucer.

All of these maps have unique attributes and different obstacles to navigate. Zozo is a standard night-time city map taken from Final Fantasy VI. Alexandria is a daytime city map that was taken from Final Fantasy IX.

Big Bridge has a unique design with plenty of places for racers to fall off or be taken out by obstacles. As the name suggests, the map takes place almost entirely on bridges.

The final map shown today, Gold Saucer, looks to be Chocobo GP’s Rainbow Road. It boasts a brightly lit color-changing path in the sky. The map is taken from Final Fantasy VII.

There are sure to be plenty of other maps to play on launch, with a ton of unrevealed features. Chocobo GP launches on Nintendo Switch on March 10.