Can you have multiple save slots in Elden Ring?

Looking to create new characters in Elden Ring? Here's how.

Image via FromSoftware

Elden Ring is still one of the hottest games on the market. The open-world vision of FromSoftware is sought after by many due to its vast landscape and absurd amount of content.

Players can spend tons of hours in the starting area alone only to find out that the map just gets bigger and bigger. Much of this large cookbook of content includes traversing dungeons and challenging, or getting challenged by, area bosses. Additionally, the numerous questlines within each playthrough allow for new and unique experiences every time players load their characters into the Lands Between.

FromSoftware does a great job in allowing the player to forge their own path and choose how they want to play the game. Some NPC quests lock players into particular choices or influence how other NPCs receive the current character. Another way is choosing how to level one’s character. This has a lasting impact on difficulty and combat experience until players unlock the ability to respec. The differences between melee and at-range-based combat provide players with an all-around unique experience, and even Dexterity and Strength builds can have completely different perceptions of the game and world’s difficulty.

Multiple character saves

With so much to do within Elden Ring, many wish to create new characters and experience the world again in a different way. Luckily for the Elden Ring community, FromSoftware gave players the freedom to create and play around with new characters while saving others.

Players can create new characters by selecting “New Game” at the title screen of Elden Ring. When this is selected, the game will load a new save where players can select a new class (possibly based on this list).

This new game save will not override any other characters saved locally. Players can have up to 10 different characters at a time. This allows for a generous amount of customization and creativity in build-making. But players may have to play through and seek out specific items on their own if they do not have a friend to trade them over.

Deleting other saves

If players run into the problem of too many saves, they simply have to select the “Load Game” option at the title screen. This will take them to a new screen where they have the option to select and load, or in this case delete characters that are locally saved. Players can follow the legend at the bottom of the screen to assist them with which buttons to press since they’re different depending on what players are using to play the game.