Avyd: For the Avid Gamer

One of the newest companies in the esports community, Avyd, is attempting to help grow the esports scene by providing another tournament platform for gamers across the globe to play.

In the ever-changing world ofesports, innovative minds are collaborating to come up withdifferent ways to help the scene grow. One of the newest companiesin the esports community, Avyd, is doing just that in their initial months asa brand; attempting to help the scene grow.

However, as it is with all newstartups, there are a few questions surrounding this company, andwhat exactly they hope their role will be in the esports community.Thankfully, Scotty Tidwell, the co-founder and CEO of Avyd, took the time to answer some questionsabout his newest endeavor in the world of esports.

With the launch of the Avydwebsite right around the corner, Tidwell began by giving anin-depth definition of Avyd, targeted at most of the community whoare unaware of what exactly this company is.

“Avyd is an esportscompany dedicated to giving competitors around the world the toolsnecessary to become a professional gamer,” Tidwell said.“Our online platform will provide competitions for players ofvarious skill levels and offer the support they need to take thatnext step.”

As a new company in the realm ofesports, Tidwell and Avyd have obviously set some initial goals forthemselves, including to focus on providing gamers with the bestexperience possible.

“Our short term and longterm goal is to provide gamers with a great onlineexperience,” Tidwell said. “Our platform has beencreated to appeal to players of all skill levels, not just the top1% of esports competitors. The heart of our platform is its abilityto service a player from the start of their competitive journey allthe way to the conclusion of it.”

Tidwell is inspired with thisopportunity to help grow esports directly through his new company,and one way to help get Avyd on the map is by specificallytargeting the best interests of individual gamers. However, as withall companies in their initial launch stage, there are obstaclesand hurdles that Avyd will need to overcome.

“Any time you arelaunching a product, and furthermore a company, you are going toexperience a lot of challenges,” Tidwell said. “Thehope is that most of them are caused by growth. We have puttogether a solid product and a solid plan to market it to thecommunity, so now we just have to implement that plansuccessfully.”


Furthermore, despite there beingseveral competitors in the esports industry who provide a servicecomparable to that of Avyd, Tidwell is confident in what hiscompany and employees have to offer. Tidwell mentions that thereare two areas where he feels that Avyd is different from otherwebsites and competitors: technology and support.

“First, is our technologyand our commitment to the continued development of our platformbeyond what you will see at launch, as we plan to unveil dozens offeatures that we believe will set us apart,” Tidwell said.“The second thing that sets us apart is our approach to howwe support the gamers on our platform. We currently have a team ofCustomer Support Representatives working in our Orlando officespreparing themselves to offer superior support to our users. Webelieve that no matter how great your platform may look orfunction, it is the support our users will receive that will keepthem choosing us on a consistent basis.”

It clearly seems like Avyd hasthe right intentions for a company who is just getting started inthe world of esports; a large customer support staff is a great wayto show users that they are being cared for, and if Avyd truly isfocused on what is best for their users, this support will be agreat asset for the company.

Trying to look ahead to thefuture, Tidwell has set in place several short-term and long-termgoals for Avyd, beginning with where he thinks this company will beone year from launch.

“There is the obvious goalof having a successful platform servicing gamers in dozens of gamesaround the world,” Tidwell said. “However, one yearfrom today, my goal would be that people start to realize that Avydis much more than an online platform; it’s a lifestyle. Assuch, we will offer so much more than what you may see from us atlaunch.”

At the end of the day, Tidwelland everyone else at Avyd have high expectations for this company.A lot of hard work and preparation has gone into creating what theybelieve to be a great service, but only time will tell what Avydhas to offer the esports community. But, that is exactly whatTidwell is expecting from his project; for Avyd to truly have alasting and helpful impact on the esports community.

“One of my main goals withAvyd is to be able to look back one day and see that Avyd helpeddevelop multiple esports communities into more than they are today,whether it be existing communities or entirely new ones,”Tidwell said. “The goal of Avyd is to drive engagement andgrow them. Doing that requires an infrastructure to grow on, soAvyd becoming that infrastructure is the ultimate measure ofsuccess to me.”

Gamers across the globe areanxiously waiting in anticipation for the launch of the Avydplatform and their first season of ladders with over $50,000 incash prizes. The website is expected to be launched later thissummer.

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Justin Binkowski is theManaging Editor for GAMURS and he can be contacted by emailat [email protected] or on Twitter @JBinkk.