Check out Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s new outfits

New clothes are added on a regular basis.

Image via Nintendo

More new clothes are coming to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

The new outfits in Pocket Camp are lively and fun, adding a lot of color to the already colorful game. A plain back hat, funny glasses, red-stripe pants, hibiscus hairpin, and lime dress have been added to the game with the new Pocket Camp update. The update went live at 2am today.

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“You can express your style by crafting new clothes,” Nintendo wrote.

Nintendo added clothing crafting to Pocket Camp in mid-January. Players no longer have to wait for new clothes to be added to Pocket Camp’s marketplace, and can instead create outfits using raw materials in-game.

The catalog of clothes is updated on a regular basis, with new styles added consistently. In some instances, players will have to reach a certain level in Pocket Camp in order to craft specific items.