All collectible locations in Poppy Playtime Chapter 2

One hundred percent completion or nothing.

Image via MOB Games

Gamers can be divided into two categories. Some people will pack a game up once they’re done with the main story, while others will play through all the available content for that 100-percent completion.

Even if you’re done with Poppy Playtime Chapter Two’s story, you can still go on a hunt for collectibles. There are a total of eight collectibles in the game that are called Golden Statues. Though you can start the search for them without doing any research, you can reduce the time it takes to collect them if you know where to look.

Barry CartThe Barry Cart collectible can be found in the Bunzo production room. Players will need to use the lift and make their way up toward the ceiling. The Barry Golden Statue will be on the highest conveyor.
Bunzo BunnyThe Bunzo Bunny statue is located in the storage warehouse. Players will be able to find the collectible inside a tray that can be found on top of the boxes.
Claw of Experiment 1006The Claw of Experiment 1006 collectible is located in the Game Station. This collectible is harder to see than the others due to shadows. Find the third code and make your way to the Mommy Long Legs sign and press E to pick up the statue.
Game Station’s TrainTo find the Game Station’s Train collectible, make your way to the Game Station and check out the playground located toward the left of the room. You’ll find it around the yellow tunnel.
Green HandThe Green Hand collectible is located in the hand-making factory. Look down and you should be able to see the collectible.
Kissy MissyPlayers will need to use the Blue Hand after the Memory Game to pick up the Kissy Missy collectible. Instead of going up, jump down and you’ll find the Kissy Missy collectible below the broken set of stairs.
Mommy Long LegsThe Mommy Statue is the hardest collectible to miss on the list. It’s located at the end of a moving conveyor belt that players encounter while escaping from Mommy Long Legs.
PJ PugapillarTo find the PJ Pugapillar collectible, players will need to choose the Hard Tunnel while escaping from it. Once you’re inside, look to the left and you should find it at the first fork.
DaisyThe Daisy collectible Golden Statue can be found inside the office players will have access to before meeting Poppy.