Where to find Mount F8 in Fortnite

"Far over the misty mountains cold."

Image via Epic Games

The Fortnite map is filled with different points of interest (POIs), and each has its own unique characteristics. While some places on the map are considered hot drop zones and feature a high number of players at the beginning of a match, others can be less competitive.

Mount F8, for example, has been on the map for a long time, and most players only started noticing its existence due to challenges that required them to visit the place. Considering most landmarks on the map have memorable names and are also labeled, finding Mount F8 can be more challenging than one can imagine since its name doesn’t show up on the screen.

The F8 in the name refers to the map tile that the mountain rests in. Mount F8 is located just below Misty Meadows, and the mount itself has a snowy peak.

Screengrab via Epic Games

If you’re looking for Stone Gray Bottles to unlock an additional style for the Toona Fish skin, start making your way down from the peak of Mount F8 toward its skirts. The bottles will be scattered around the mountain until you make it to its base.

Though Mount F8 has an awesome view of the map, the landmark can be considered a poor loot source. The number of loot boxes around the landmark is relatively low, meaning you may need to make your way toward Misty Meadows after you’re done with Mount F8. Chances are there will be players looting around Misty Meadows, however, so it’ll be a decent idea to pick up a temporary weapon while stacking up materials to defend yourself if it all goes south.

Alternatively, if you were just looking to complete a challenge on Mount F8, or you were just there to pick up bottles, you can leave the match since there will be no penalties unless it’s a high-ranked match.

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