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When is Fortnite’s Dark Legends Bundle release date?

Here's what we know about this new cosmetics bundle.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite: Battle Royale players might soon get a skin bundle with new versions of old fan-favorite characters.

Data miners found a new pack hidden in the v10.20 Content Update game files called Dark Legends Bundle. It will reportedly feature dark versions of Jonesy, Royale Knight, and Wild Card, as well as a dark pickaxe and a dark shield. These leakers couldn’t find the price point of the bundle in the files.

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The Dark Legends Bundle still has no estimated date of release, although it being in the game files indicates that it should arrive soon to all players. Whenever Epic includes new data in the game, it means the company intends to release it soon. If everything goes as expected, players should see the Dark Legends Bundle in the Store in two weeks at the latest.

But this is a leak, so nothing is confirmed. Data miners have found many skins in the game files that Epic never released, so until we get a teaser or confirmation from the company, we can’t be sure about the Dark Legends bundle release.

If it ever comes to the game, it will probably be available at the Store to be sold for cash, not V-Bucks. Epic usually sells these big bundles for about $20, as cosmetic bundles in the V-Bucks shop are generally priced at 2,000 V-Bucks at most. When the shop has these packs, they just include variations of the same skin, not multiple outfits.

We will keep this story updated with new information about the release of the Dark Legends bundle in Fortnite.