Players find new clues teasing Fortnite Chapter 2, season 2

All about that gold.

Image via Epic Games | Remix by ZenofyMedia

It looks like players might want to prepare for a gold rush in Fortnite. In-game teasers have slowly started to appear, suggesting that the upcoming Chapter two, season two could have some sort of gold-related theme. 

Yesterday, a Discord bot called “The Agency” appeared in official Fortnite Discord channels with its profile picture being a gilded handprint. Over the course of the weekend, players started to find a few peculiar signs around the Fortnite map, too.

Some buildings now have large stashes of gold bars prominently laying around out in the open. Additionally, many objects on the map that were previously made of normal, everyday materials have been turned into gold, almost as though someone gave them the Midas touch. People have found gold couches, teddy bears, toilets, and even tube screen televisions.

Meanwhile, a slew of telephone numbers has started to show up in every region. Fortnite data miner HYPEX began gathering the phone numbers and some have even called them, with many numbers giving callers a different message.

Most of the messages seem to be from “The Agency” and talk about things like “recruitment” or some sort of mission that we don’t know all of the details for. Among the interesting bits of information in the messages are talks of an “oil rig operation,” “traces” of something being found in an “Agent E region,” and someone being told the “purpose of the mission has changed.”

While no other information has been released, Epic Games’ official Fortnite account posted “Transmission Intercepted” on Twitter this morning with a photo showing the date for Feb. 20, which Epic confirmed will be the release date for the upcoming season. 


Max Miceli
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