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Fortnite: Battle Royale players have found more clues about the expected rocket launch

Leaked audio files, in-game sirens, and codes could be hinting at future activity.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite: Battle Royale players have been trying to figure out what’s going on with the rocket since it was added to the game in season four—and several new clues were discovered earlier today that might help with this process.

As soon as the villain’s lair near Snobby Shores became of a part of the Fortnite map at the start of the new season, fans have been curious about the rocket and its imminent launch. Earlier this month, countdown timers started to appear on televisions in the Switch version of Fortnite and dataminers thought they found files that indicated the rocket will be launched through the press of a button.

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Since then, however, Twitter user @IReptor discovered several audio files—which were later compiled by Fortnite Insider—that could be hinting at a rocket launch. It sounds like the rocket is taking off and the thrusters are being activated, for example, in some of the clips.

Well-known dataminers TwoEpicBuddies also found a hidden message in an audio file. TwoEpicBuddies believe that the message contains codes for the map coordinates of Moisty Mire and the highest hill in Fortnite. This could mean that everyone’s favorite swampy destination might be the target of a potential rocket launch.

Additionally, a new in-game sound was first heard earlier today following the latest update to Fortnite. A Reddit user posted a video clip that sounds like a loud siren—and fans are speculating that the noise is coming from the villain’s lair where the rocket is located.

None of these clues or leaks have been confirmed by Epic Games, however. But it seems like Fortnite fans are starting to piece together the giant mystery surrounding the in-game rocket.

Fortnite’s fourth season is set to end on July 12, so fans should expect to learn the definitive fate of the rocket sometime around this date—it’d make sense if the rocket launch kicks off season five, similar to how the meteor strikes began season four.

H/T Fortnite Insider