Is Omni Man in Fortnite?

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Omni-Man from Invincible
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Omni Man left his mark on the Mortal Kombat franchise in early November. The Evil-superman-like character is clearly an unstoppable force in the Invincible TV series and in MK1, and now Fortnite fans are wondering if he’s coming to the battle royale.

Invincible’s Omni Man has made his way into the gaming industry, but has he spread his reach to Fortnite?

Is Omni Man in Fortnite?

Leaks suggest we’ll be seeing Omni Man making his way onto Fortnite. The anti-hero and anti-dad will arrive as a wearable cosmetic alongside Lewis Hamilton, according to ShiinaBR.

Players will get to sport Omni Man’s classic red and white suit, and they’ll get to see several other Robert Kirkman characters from the Invincible universe joining Fortnite alongside him. Based on the leaked images, it appears we’ll be getting things like Omni Man’s cape, as added extras. No need for backpacks when you’ve got a sick cape.

While there’s no explicit release date, if leaks are correct, we’ll likely be seeing Omni Man on Nov. 17. 

Who else from Invincible is coming to Fortnite?

Alongside Omni Man’s addition to the Fortnite crew, leaks suggest we’ll be seeing Atom Eve and even Invincible himself before long. Players will get each hero in their classic alien and crime-fighting costumes. Cosmetics like Atom Eve’s cape and backpack might be available, according to leaks. This means at least get to mix and match Invincible attire with the long list of other cosmetics Fortnite has to offer.

These heroes will join the likes of Attack On Titan, Marvel, John Wick, and a nearly never-ending list of noteworthy fictional and real-life individuals. Looks like you’ll have to save up some cash to get your hands on Omni Man’s cosmetics in Fortnite.


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