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How to mod a vehicle in Fortnite

Is that a new ride?

Screengrab via Epic Games

Modding vehicles was recently announced to Fortnite. Changing your tires around the off-road parts of the map can give you the edge you need while chasing enemies or running away from them.

If you haven’t had the time to try out the new feature, a new weekly challenge is here to make sure you do. One of the latest quests that become available requires players to drive 500 meters with a modified vehicle.

How can you mod a vehicle in Fortnite?

  • Find yourself a vehicle
  • Make your way to the Catty Corner Garage
  • Enter the Garage
  • Find Chonkers tires
  • Interact with the tires and pick them up
  • Throw the Chonkers tires at your car

Throwing the new tires at your vehicle will be enough to initiate the modding process. Once you have all the tires set up, you’ll need to drive the vehicle for 500 meters to complete the challenge.

The Chonkers tires are better suited for off-road purposes. Your car will have a better grip on the roads, improving your overall driving experience.

Though changing wheels is the best Fortnite players can do for the moment, Epic Games may decide to add more modifying options to the game in the future. From changing colors to adjusting the engine, the possibilities are endless for Epic when it comes to improving the feature.