Fortnite's map got a number of new changes with today's 12.40 update - Dot Esports

Fortnite’s map got a number of new changes with today’s 12.40 update

Some locations are different when you drop in today.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite’s 12.40 update hit the game’s servers this morning, and it brought about a number of changes to the map that could have fun implications moving forward.

The biggest change is that the Shark point of interest has now become a prison. It’s likely that the prison will have a role to play in the ongoing Ghost vs. Shadow conflict this season.

A small island close to the prison was also added, and it holds one small cell inside. Many players are guessing that Midas will be imprisoned here at some point as this season’s storyline plays out.

The final major change came at The Agency. The small underwater bunkers that surround the island are now glowing, teasing something big, although it’s anyone’s guess as to what could happen here.

Yesterday, Epic Games announced that this season would be extended until June 4. This leaves plenty of time for more map updates before the big finale, whatever it may be.

If previous seasons are any indication, Epic has something very cool planned for the beginning of June. The ongoing narrative of The Agency and Ghost vs. Shadow could come to an explosive head very soon.

For now, Fortnite fans and players are left to speculate what these map changes could mean for both this season’s storyline and for whatever Epic has planned for next season and beyond.