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Shopping Carts, Mushrooms, and faster turbo building added in Fortnite’s latest update

They're big enough for two.

Image via Epic Games

Downtime has begun for Fortnite‘s latest update, v4.3, and as expected Shopping Carts are being added to the Battle Royale portion of the game.

The Shopping Carts are a first for Fortnite, a vehicle of sorts. Other games like PUBG have cars and bikes, but also a much bigger map. Fortnite has generally never needed vehicles, but this does present a new way to play your games.

The Cart is big enough for two players, with one driver and one passenger that can shoot. They can be found scattered around the map.

Shopping Carts aren’t the only new item added this week, though. After Apples were added to restore five health, a shield option has also been included. Mushrooms will restore five shield when consumed, and can be found in swampy or marshy areas on the ground—just like Apples around trees. These new items provide greater than ever flexibility over your life total, so there’s far less chance of needing to waste a premium shield or healing item just for a small top up.

The update also contains a number of other changes and bug fixes. Chief among these is a speeding up of the Turbo Build function. Scructures built after the first piece are now placed 0.05 seconds after the first.

Two new limited time modes, Blitz V2 and Teams of 20 V2, have also been added for release in the near future.