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Fortnite pro players complain about stretched resolution changes to competitive modes

It'll be impossible to use stretched resolutions in competitive matches.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite: Battle Royale professional players are annoyed by the changes announced yesterday that will alter stretched resolutions in the game’s competitive modes.

Players who use stretched resolution in Fortnite will no longer be able to get a wider field of view when doing so. Instead, the resolution in the Arena mode and competitive in-game Events will be locked at a 16:9 aspect ratio, making it impossible to see more things on your screen than players on native resolution. Professional players have started complaining about the effects that Epic Games’ decision will have on the upcoming Fortnite World Cup Open Qualifiers.

Team Liquid’s Jake “POACH” Brumleve wrote that in stretched resolution “it looked like things were moving in the right direction.” He said Epic might be “actually moving backwards when it comes to competitive development and communication between players” with this change. “Don’t really need to rant about this one, think the community will be loud,” POACH said. “Won’t matter though, zero integrity.”

POACH’s teammate, Ryan “Chap” Chaplo, wrote that “it’s crazy. Time after time I am absolutely amazed with how incompetent Epic Games is at running anything ‘competitive,’” Chap said soon after Epic announced the changes. “People asked why I stopped taking this game seriously. What a fucking joke.”

Sentinel’s Cayden “Carose” Bradford wrote that he was “so demotivated” after playing a whole day on native resolution. “This game is just a joke… huge waste of time,” Carose said. “World Cup is going to be complete RNG just like how the game is.” He said he felt “just depressed at this point and lost” after Epic announced the changes.

Other streamers and professional players, like Ali “SypherPK” Hassan, have expressed that they weren’t too annoyed by the change. “A part of me is happy that I don’t have to play stretched even though I liked the benefits it gave,” SypherPK said. “However, they’re doing this last minute after players thought for sure they’d be playing stretched after they allowed it at the Secret Skirmish.”

TSM player Daequan Loco made fun of players who have been using stretched resolution, writing that it’s “time to throw the cartridge away” while showing a montage of Fortnite as a Game Boy Advance game.

Epic has yet to comment on the negative feedback it has received from professional players.