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Fortnite could be getting a Wild West LTM soon

Alright pinhead, your time is up.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite: Battle Royale might be getting new limited time mode called “Wild West.”

A recent leak of the game files shows that a Wild West LTM could be en route to the game. There are multiple text files that allude to it being an LTM, including game weapon and consumable restrictions. It seems that dynamite may also be introduced at the same time as the LTM.

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Below are the following quotes that were found in the game files:

  • “No Fancy Tech Here, Partner!”
  • “This mode has no automatic weapons, rocket launchers, or traps.”
  • “Waddya mean, Shields?”
  • “Check supply drops for slurp juice. Regular shield pots have been removed from this mode.”
  • “Light the Fuse and Toss ‘Em!”
  • “Dynamite can be used to great effect! It’s the only explosive found in Wild West.”
  • “This island ain’t big enough for the hundred of us parter!”

So get ready to throw on your Calamity skins for a possible John Wayne-style, Wild West showdown.