How to complete FUTTIES Dynamic Duo Meunier and Witsel’s objectives in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

You can get two cards by completing just one set of objectives.

Image via EA Sports

EA Sports added a FUTTIES version of Axel Witsel and Thomas Meunier from Borussia Dortmund to FIFA 21 Ultimate Team through the FUTTIES Dynamic Duo set of objectives today.

Meunier got a 93-rated FUTTIES Dynamic Duo version and Witsel received a 95-rated one, which you can receive after completing a set of five objectives. The FUTTIES promo celebrates the best of what’s already been released during this FIFA 21 cycle while still adding new content.

EA has greatly increased all of Meunier’s skills, including Pace (+18), Dribbling (+16), Passing (+14), Defending (+13), and Shooting (+13) when compared to his 81-rated gold version. This player has three-star skills move, a four-star weak foot, and can have his Defending and Pace further increased if you apply the shadow chemistry style.

Witsel has received a massive upgrade to his Pace (+29) and a slightly smaller bump to his other skills, including Shooting (+17), Dribbling (+15), Physical (+13), Defending (+11), and Passing (+10), when you compared this FUTTIES version to his 84-rated gold one. He also has four-star skills moves and weak foot. If you apply the marksman chemistry style, you’ll boost his Shooting (+6), Physical (+5), and Defending (+1).

This set of objectives is different than usual but is similar to the progression type of tasks. You’ll receive FUTTIES Meunier after you complete the first three objectives. You’ll have to use this version of Meunier to complete the next two objectives to receive FUTTIES Witsel. Aside from the two FUTTIES cards, you’ll also get one gold pack, a 75+ rated rare player, a premium gold pack, one small electrum players pack, and an electrum players pack.

All of the FUTTIES Dynamic Duo objectives have to be completed in the Live FUT Friendly: Bundesliga Basics mode. You’ll only have to win matches to complete one of the tasks, though, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to finish every objective.

You’ll have six days, until Aug. 12, to complete all of the FUTTIES Dynamic Duo objectives and earn the FUTTIES Thomas Meunier and Axel Witzel. Here are the objectives you’ll need to complete to earn this FUTTIES Dynamic Duo.

  • Defensive Dynamo: Score two goals using defenders in the Live FUT Friendly: Bundesliga Basics.
  • Fine Victories: Score using Belgian players in five separate wins in the Live FUT Friendly: Bundesliga Basics.
  • Scoring Stats: Score 15 goals in the Live FUT Friendly: Bundesliga Basics.
  • Midfield Magic: Score using Bundesliga Midfielders in three separate matches in the Live FUT Friendly: Bundesliga Basics with FUTTIES Meunier in your starting squad.
  • Playing Partners: Assist using FUTTIES Meunier in eight separate matches in the Live FUT Friendly: Bundesliga Basics.