New Street Fighter 6 character, more gameplay to be shown by Capcom during Summer Game Fest

Will it be a familiar face or someone making their first appearance?

Image via Capcom

Fans couldn’t escape new Street Fighter 6 news even if they wanted to, with Capcom set to reveal even more information during Summer Game Fest on June 9. 

Following the initial gameplay reveal during Sony’s most recent State of Play, Capcom has slowly been sharing new details about SF6. And during the main Summer Game Fest stream at 1pm CT on June 9, more gameplay and a new character will be revealed for the game. 

Before this, Capcom showcased a few new details like the new Game Face feature and what looks to be instantaneous loading times from the character select screen. Additional details were also revealed via several leaks, which even saw Capcom release an official statement in response. 

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No additional details were provided about what this new content will contain, but this could be the official reveal of Kimberly. She was teased at the end of the last trailer, with Capcom pointing it out in the PlayStation Blog post after the presentation ended. Additionally, Cammy or another classic fighter that has been revealed through those leaks could make an appearance too—though the wording points to a newcomer being more likely.

Players can likely expect to see more news about SF6 revealed during the Capcom Showcase on June 13, which will focus on previously revealed games and products. 

Additionally, Capcom has partnered with Rolling Stone to show off the music video for SF6’s new theme song live at 5pm CT on Twitch.