Infexious dominates Europe to claim spot at Capcom Cup 2020

With flips and kicks, he rises through the ranks.

Screengrab via Red Bull

The Capcom Cup 2020 is filling up quickly. DC “Infexious” Coleman locked in one of the final six slots available for Capcom Pro Tour Online winners today. 

Just like a few of the other players who qualified for the main event, Infexious ran through Europe West 2, dropping only a single game. 

He recorded a perfect 5-0 through pools and won 2-0 over Claude “Hurricane” Diboti’s Cammy to make the finals bracket. His only dropped one game against Mopuulapo’s Balrog in the semifinals, where he lost the opener before proceeding to win the set 3-1. 

Things got really interesting when Infexious had to face another Zeku main, Anthony “GuN SLinGa” Phillips, in the winners finals. Instead of playing dittos, he swapped over to Ken and swept his way into the grand finals with a flurry of kicks. 

He quickly swapped back to Zeku and 3-0’d Nathan “Mister Crimson” Massol to win the qualifier, taking the 14th spot at Capcom Cup. Now there are only five qualifier spots left and a single place reserved for the “Capcom Cup 2019 Fan Favorite,” which will be decided later.