How to Toast another player in MultiVersus

Make sure good players know you appreciate them!

Screengrab via Warner Bros. Games

More players are finally getting to play Warner Bros. new crossover fighter MultiVersus, which means online queues are full and battles full of wacky antics are taking place across the globe. 

Unlike some other platform fighters, MultiVersus features its own version of a “commend player” option called “Toast.” 

Toasting another player will give that player an additional 25 Gold, with the option appearing after completing an online match. And, once you Toast a player, the other player will receive a notification of who commended them that also allows them to Toast you back in thanks. 

To Toast a player, you just need to wait until you complete whatever online match you are playing. From there, the option will appear above each player’s character on the result screen. You can Toast every player other than yourself in the lobby, regardless of if they are your teammate or not. 

Screengrab via DotoDoya

This is a way to show your thanks and reward a teammate who helps you out online or to commend a challenging opponent for a great match. 

Just be warned, Toast is a limited resource that you have to earn by completing various challenges, whether that be by upping your Mastery Level for a character or leveling up your Battle Pass. 

Image via Warner Bros. Games

You can also purchase 10 Toast from your Collection menu by clicking on the Toast icon next to the number featured at the top right. That bundle will cost 350 Gold, which is not an advisable purchase, as giving out or receiving a Toast only gives a player 25 Gold.