How to get more Toast in MultiVersus

The toaster is missing...

Image via Warner Bros. Games

MultiVersus does a lot to modernize online play in fighting games, including giving players a new way to tell players they battle with and against online that they were formidable fighters. 

This feature is called “Toast,” which rewards players for commending other players at the end of an online match. Whether you are playing two-on-two, free-for-all, or just facing off solo against another player, you can always Toast another player to reward them for the competition. 

Toasting another player will give them 25 Gold to use as they see fit, such as unlocking other characters. And, if you Toast a player, they will receive a notification of it and can immediately Toast you back so you receive some Gold too. To Toast a player you will need to complete an online match first and then wait for the results screen to appear. 

You need to be careful, as Toast is a consumable resource—as the name would suggest. Each player will only have a limited amount of Toast available at any given time, but it is easy to unlock more. 

Toast is offered as a reward in the game’s battle pass, both the premium and free variants, and at certain points while increasing your Mastery Level for certain characters by using them in online matches. 

You can also purchase 10 Toast from your Collection menu by clicking on the Toast icon at the top right of that page. The bundle only costs 350 Gold, which is not a lot when you can easily earn the currency back by playing online, but you only receive 25 Gold per Toast when you receive one from another player, which makes doesn’t make for a good exchange rate. 

Image via Warner Bros. Games

If you need more Toast, you should likely just work on unlocking it for free, or sparingly using it when you do receive it. However, if you are rolling in Gold after unlocking all the characters in the game, you can use it to get more Toast.