Gogeta joins the Dragon Ball FighterZ roster on Sept. 26

Arguably the most powerful fusion is coming to FighterZ.

Screengrab via Bandai Namco

Gogeta is finally coming to the Dragon Ball FighterZ roster on Sept. 26, adding yet another version of Goku and Vegeta to the game with new combination attacks based on both characters. 

After being announced alongside Janemba at Evo 2019, Gogeta became the focus of a lot of community analysis due to a strong showing in his reveal trailer. As one of the rare characters with five super attacks, it seems like he’ll become an immediate staple in the meta. 

Similar to what happened with Vegito, Arc System Works decided to use the Super Saiyan Blue version of Gogeta that was introduced in Dragon Ball Super

This version of the character has access to dozens of impressive moves, including a completely neutral Kamehameha attack in place of normal Ki Blasts. It can even be angled and charged to confuse opponents by creating three Gogeta clones that can each throw out a beam.

Arc also made sure to include the fusion character’s signature attacks, like Big Bang Kamehameha and Stardust Breaker, as variant special moves. 

His level five super, the Full Force Kamehameha, is an incredibly-animated version of his finishing move from the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie. It seems like Arc took this chance to show off how good its game looks with the final DLC character for season two. 

It’s unclear if a third season of DLC for Dragon Ball FighterZ is in the works, but with how popular both the game and media franchise is at the moment, Arc and Bandai Namco don’t have a lot of reasons not to create more content. 

Gogeta will be added to the season two DLC pass on Sept. 26 and will also be available for individual purchase on the same day.