Frostbite 2020: Live results and standings

Frostbite roars back for its fifth year of competition.

Screengrab via Frostbite

Another month, another Super Smash Bros. Super Major putting the best players in the world against each other. Frostbite 2020 is underway and bringing all of the top 10 Ultimate players together for the first time this year. 

The early days were full of upsets, leading to the loser’s bracket being an absolute killer for anyone who was unable to keep a winner’s run going. 

From Singles and Doubles to Squad Strike and Alpharad’s Casual Invitational, Frostbite has every event you would want to see out of the best Ultimate has to offer. But with matches starting early and spanning late into the night for most time zones, it might be hard to follow all of the individual brackets. 

So for anyone who wants to know who tops the final placements in each event, here is a full list of results and standings for Frostbite 2020. Just note that all prize pool numbers could be subject to change based on the percentage added in by the merchandise incentives going on at the event. 


1stTBDLeonardo “MkLeo” LopezWon 3-0 over Maister (bracket reset)
2ndTBDEnrique “Maister” Hernández SolísOut 0-3 to MkLeo (bracket reset)
3rdTBDGavin “Tweek” DempseyOut 2-3 to MkLeo
4thTBDTakuma “Tea” HirookaOut 2-3 to MkLeo
5thTBDSamuel “Dabuz” BuzbyOut 0-3 to MkLeo
5thTBDCarrington “Wrath” OsborneOut 1-3 to Tea
7thTBDSota “Zackray” OkadaOut 2-3 to MkLeo
7thTBDToriano “Toast” WarrenOut 0-3 to Wrath


PlacePrizePlayer OnePlayer Two
1stTBDTyler “Marss” MartinsParis “Light” Ramirez
2ndTBDSota “Zackray” OkadaEnrique “Maister” Hernández Solís
3rdTBDYuki “Etsuji” KajiharaTakuto “Kameme” Ono
4thTBDNairoby “Nairo” QuezadaAaron “Blacktwins13” Grandison-Vargas
5thTBDPedro “Prodigy” AlonsoVarun “varun” Rao
5thTBDJestise “MVD” NegronTroy “Puppeh” Wells
7thTBDEzra “Samsora” MorrisGavin “Tweek” Dempsey
7thTBDLuis “Lui$” OcegueraSpencer “BestNess” Garner

Squad Strike

1stDarius “Laid” HillLucina, Pac-Man, Snake/Pit
2ndAikotaMega Man, Lucas/Ness, Zelda
3rdGabriel “Epic_Gabriel” RomeroToon Link/Incineroar, Ken/Roy, R.O.B.
4thJason “Mew2King” ZimmermanBowser, Lucina/Wolf, Cloud/Mr. Game and Watch
5thBladeJoker, Zero Suit Samus, Toon Link
5thRasheen “Dark Wizzy” RoseYoshi, Mario, Fox
7thD-MoneyBowser Jr., Little Mac, Incineroar
7thPsyKoDIke, Chrom, Link

Alpharad’s Casual Invitational

1stNairoby “Nairo” Quezada
2ndJames “VoiD” Makekau-Tyson
3rdTyler “Marss” Martins
4thJoshua “Shoe” Shoeman
5thJestise “MVD” Negron
5thJacob “Naga” Markusz
7thJason “Mew2King” Zimmerman
7thJustin “Plup” McGrath