Does MultiVersus have a battle pass?

Free-to-play with easy access to rewards.

Image via Warner Bros. Games

MultiVersus is bringing another platform fighter into the free-to-play space, which means players will be encountering several different methods that the developers will use to incentivize coming back every day or continuously playing. 

One such method is a battle pass, which has become standard in most live-service games and F2P titles over the last several years. 

Through the battle pass, players can unlock Gold, Profile Icons, XP Boosts, Badges, Toast, Emotes, and more. Various in-game customization items such as skins, which are called Character Variants, Ringouts, and Taunts can also be unlocked. 

Does MultiVersus feature a free and paid battle pass? 

Just like a majority of other games, MultiVersus offers two different versions of a battle pass. One is a free path that every player will have access to, and the second is the premium version, which will give players who pay to unlock it more rewards exclusive to that model. 

The free battle pass tiers will give players quite a few rewards, including Character Variants like Samurai Batman. However, it will also skip around a lot, meaning you won’t get a reward at each tier, and not all of them will be as high quality as the premium offerings for that same tier. 

Image via Warner Bros. Games

For premium users, rewards will be available at every tier, and will feature several more sought-after rewards, such as multiple Character Variants per battle pass, fancier cosmetics, Taunts, and more. This is likely going to incentivize players who grind the game frequently to spend a little money to unlock it, which is part of the game’s key monetization features. 

How does the MultiVersus battle pass work? 

MultiVersus offers both daily and seasonal missions for players to complete, which can all be viewed on the game’s battle pass tab. 

Each of these missions reward players with tokens that bring them closer to reaching the next battle pass tier. And, if you unlock the premium battle pass, your tokens will count toward both battle pass versions as you progress through them. 

Daily missions can be re-rolled and only six are available to complete in a day, resetting every 24 hours. Meanwhile, seasonal missions are referred to as milestones, and offer larger rewards for more daunting tasks, such as winning a certain number of matches with a specific class of character.