ArcSystemWorks releases Guilty Gear Strive version 1.03 patch notes

A few key fixes were applies for the day one patch.

Image via ArcSystemWorks

Guilty Gear Strive is now available to players worldwide on PlayStation 4, PS5, and PC, which means ArcSystemWorks has also dropped the day one patch to help fix a few early problems. 

Patch version 1.03 specifically fixes several issues found in previous versions of the game, which were released earlier this week when the game became available to players who pre-ordered deluxe editions of GGST

AcrSys has dropped the full list of changes and updates for patch 1.03, though they don’t specify what has also been applied to the PC version of GGST. The PC version of the game is having improvements worked on too, but for now, these are the details we have for PS4 and PS5 versions of the game. 


  • Fixed an error in online matches where the game would occasionally crash due to an application error when a match finished.
  • Fixed an error in which, under certain circumstances, the game would crash due to an application error when displaying the member information via input by the right analog stick.
  • Decreased the processing load for the “L’oro Di Illyria” stage in order to improve an issue that would significantly slow down the game when the stage was used in online matches.

ArcSys also released a list of fixes that are currently being worked on for future updates. 

Confirmed Issues

  • Network features are completely inaccessible under certain play environments.
  • Sometimes in the Story Mode, the characters will not be displayed properly, or the game will crash.

More details about the PC patch and any future updates will be shared ahead of their release.