All new skins added to Fall Guys in season 2

You don't get to breathe fire, yet.

Image via Mediatonic

Mediatonic pushed the first major content update for Fall Guys live earlier today. One of the hottest party games of the summer received new maps, skins, and even game modes to freshen the gameplay.

This update is a breath of fresh air for existing players and many new players who haven’t had the chance to try out Fall Guys yet are flooding to the servers to see what the second season has to offer.

While there wasn’t a specific theme for the first season, the medieval era will be the name of the game throughout Fall Guys season two. Most skins presented in trailers are yet to hit the live servers since they’re likely to become available through the daily shop, but there’s still a handful of them up for grabs through the battle pass.

Here are all the new skins that were added to Fall Guys in season two.


Orc is one of the first skins that you’ll unlock through this season’s battle pass. This uncommon skin features an angry orc, which you may recognize by their eyebrows.


It’s hard to imagine any medieval timeline without jesters. The king’s primary source of entertainment is here to win crowns, however. The jester skin features a fun and wiggly hat alongside a well-designed breastplate.

Elder Dwarf

It’s hard to imagine Odin ever joining the cast of Fall Guys, but it looks like he’s here with the Elder Dwarf skin. Though the skin has no ties to Scandinavian mythology, it’s almost impossible to deny the Elder Dwarf’s resemblance to the all-mighty one.


The Duchess skin is available through the in-game shop. Purchasing the whole set will cost you 22,000 Kudos. This cute skin features all the aesthetics you’d associate with a medieval duchess and is categorized under the Legendary rarity.

Though shop skins tend to be available for a single day at a time, Duchess should rotate back into the shop over time, meaning you’ll likely have a couple of chances to obtain this skin before the season ends.

Other leaked skins that haven’t been released yet or require DLC purchase

The four cosmetics above aren’t the only skins that are making their way into Fall Guys. Mediatonic likes taking its time to distribute content throughout a season evenly and the following skins are likely to become available within the in-game shop over the next couple of weeks.

Wizard, Dragon, and Knight are only unlockable if you purchase the Dragon Hugger DLC pack that’s available through Steam and the PlayStation Store.


Screengrab via Mediatonic


Screengrab via Mediatonic


Screengrab via Mediatonic


Screengrab via Mediatonic


Screengrab via Mediatonic