What is Gauntlet Showdown in Fall Guys season 2?

They weren't kidding when they said they'd delete the yellow team.

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One of the hottest games of the summer, Fall Guys, just pushed its first big content update in the form of its second season. While the game never really dropped down in popularity, some players were simply starting to take breaks since too much of anything gets old after a while.

This could be considered a problem, but not for Fall Guys since season two is packed with great content in terms of skins, maps, and even game modes. The hype for the game is already at an all-time high with the servers struggling to keep up with the demand. Players are trying their best to get into the servers to see what season two has to offer.

One of the most striking additions that Mediatonic has rolled out is the limited-time game mode, Gauntlet Showdown, which looks like it’ll be testing the mettle of some of the best jelly beans in the world.

Gauntlet Showdown explained

Gauntlet Showdown is one of the two “show modes” in the game. The classic playlist that we’ve all gotten used to knowing goes by the name of “Main Show” now. What separates Gauntlet Showdown from the Main Show is that it only includes the gauntlet or race type maps. This means it’s impossible to get into a team game while you’re participating in the new playlist.

Here are the only maps you can get in Gauntlet Showdown for now:

  • Dizzy Heights
  • Door Dash
  • Fruit Chute
  • Gate Crash
  • Hit Parade
  • Knight Fever
  • See Saw
  • Slime Climb
  • Tip Toe
  • The Whirlygig
  • Wall Guys
  • Fall Mountain

Fall Mountain is the only end-game map on the list, which suits the racing nature of the playlist. Knight Fever and Wall Guys are two of the newest Fall Guys maps. While the Wall Guys map is relatively easy to pick up as you get used to the obstacles, Knight Fever was presented as the most challenging gauntlet level yet, making you think twice before taking any risks while playing the map.

For now, Gauntlet Showdown is available for seven days. But Mediatonic can tinker around with the game mode further with the data it collects during its first week. Considering team games and some of the end-game levels were the subject of some heated debates, the game mode should be a breath of fresh air to players who prefer relying on themselves to get the job done.

How to play in Gauntlet Showdown?

Taking your place in Gauntlet Showdown is simple. All you need to do is enter the “Show Selector” once you log into the main menu.

Click on Gauntlet Showdown once you enter the show selector and click on Play after getting back to the main menu.


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