Fall Guys “Failed to Login” error explained

Have mercy for the servers.

Image via Mediatonic

The second season of the hit party-game, Fall Guys, is finally here and Mediatonic introduced many new additions to the game like maps and banners to keep it fresh.

If you’re seeing a “Failed to Login” error, here’s what you need to know.

Fall Guys’ initial launch was plagued with server errors, but they were later fixed toward the end of August, thanks to the efforts of the developer. The slight decline in the game’s popularity was also a vital factor since there were slightly fewer jelly beans crowding the servers.

A huge content update like Fall Guys Season two, however, was destined to increase the hype levels to an all-time high, and it brought back a huge chunk of old players alongside new ones that’ll be trying out for the first time.

This means Fall Guys is currently experiencing a player overload as massive as the one during its launch.

How to fix the “Failed to login” error in Fall Guys Season two?

The “failed to login” error is essentially a server-side error, and there are only a few things you can try out while waiting for Mediatonic to fix the problem. 

Before trying any of the fixes below, check the official social media accounts of Fall Guys to make sure there isn’t a global server issue since if that’s the case, you won’t be able to log in no matter what you do.

While only Mediatonic can fix this problem by patching up the servers, you can push your luck by forcing yourself into the crowded servers just when someone’s about to leave. The best way to do this is by re-launching your game over and over again until you get in. We also recommend re-logging into Steam or PlayStation Network at least once during this process to make sure there aren’t any connectivity issues between you and Steam servers.

One other fix that works wonders to fix any connectivity problems that may be caused by your internet service provider is resetting your modem and PC/console at the same time. Note that this step will only help you get the “Failed to login” error when there isn’t a known server issue. The resetting process will help you re-establish the connection between your router and ISP, which will also reset the connection you’ll have to the game’s servers.

If none of the above fixes seem to work for you and there aren’t any server problems going on, we strongly recommend you to contact Steam Support, PlayStation Help Center, or Mediatonic so they can look into the roots of your connectivity issue.