Is Fall Guys down? How to check the game’s server status

Millions of jelly beans are queued in front of the servers.

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Fall Guys is reaching a whole new audience section beginning today with the monumental move to free-to-play and a release on both Nintendo Switch and Xbox platforms. With such an influx of new and potentially returning players, there’s more than likely going to be the occasional server issue.

This draws memory of the game’s original launch in 2020 when it struck gold and became an overnight sensation on platforms like Twitch. Its official launch was slightly overshadowed by server issues, but that’s common for new games that attract millions of players in such a short time.

Having thousands of players trying to get a taste of the new content puts a strain on the servers, which causes in-game lag and matchmaking issues that urge the developer to take down the servers to fix them. Problems like these aren’t a surprise to encounter during such an important event in the game’s lifespan, and Fall Guys is no exception.

Knowing the game is down for maintenance can be hard sometimes since there aren’t any in-game indicators and not all gamers follow the games they play on social media. But here’s what you can do to try to find out if Fall Guys is down.

How to check the server status of Fall Guys

More often than not, if you can’t seem to connect to a match or the game server, it means that the game’s servers are down. It’s always a good idea to double-check, however, so there are a couple of ways to make sure that the issue isn’t on your end.

Mediatonic, the developer of Fall Guys, posts on its main Twitter page about any server or technical issues that the game experiences at any given time. You can simply follow the page for future updates or bookmark it for future use.

Additionally, there’s a Public Issue Tracker you can check as well, which is a Trello board that shows all the issues that Mediatonic is working on, as well as the status of those issues. You can even join the Fall Guys Discord server here for updates.

What can you do if the servers are up but you can’t log in to Fall Guys?

Sometimes, the fixes that developers push can take a couple of minutes to go into effect. If you still can’t play Fall Guys after Mediatonic says the issues were fixed, you should check to see if you’re missing a new update. Exit Steam or the Epic Games Store on PC, or restart your computer. If you’re on console, close the application and check the store/download queue for an update. Try restarting your console if it’s not there.

If you’re not seeing an update, then check your internet connection.

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