Fall Guys gets review bombed on Steam for server issues at launch

Fall Guys is dealing with some nasty day one feedback.

Image via Mediatonic

Just like with most multiplayer games, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout experienced some major server issues at launch. And because players can’t play the game, frustrated day-one purchasers have started review bombing Fall Guys on Steam. 

Most of the issues seem to only apply to the PC version of the game, which is why the reviews for the game quickly dropped to mostly negative just hours after release. 

Mediatonic tried to keep the Steam version’s launch quiet so the servers had time to adapt to the eventual large influx of players. But Fall Guys quickly became the top game on Twitch, bringing more eyes to the PC version. 

Within two hours the game hit number one on the Global Top Sellers list for Steam and more than 120,000 players were connected to the servers. The developers even turned matchmaking off so that the server load could be increased because the day one support “skyrocketed right past [their] ‘absolute highest number of expected players for the entire day.’”

Before the game actually launched, the Fall Guys Twitter account even joked that severs could handle all of the jelly bean characters running around and causing chaos, but thousands of players pouring into the game proved that was false very quickly. 

After bringing attention to the influx of negative feedback, users poured counter-reviews onto the game’s Steam page, pushing it back to a “Mostly Positive” rating. The top reviews now are praising the game for being different, wishing the devs luck, or providing constructive feedback for how things can be improved in future updates. 

Fall Guys is out now for PC and PlayStation 4, so be prepared for a lot of little jelly beans appearing around YouTube and Twitch for the foreseeable future.


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